If your looking for physiotherapists Sudbury, than look no further. We have found the best clinic for physiotherapy Sudbury.

Our trusted Sudbury physiotherapy clinic offers excellent experienced care to all ages. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or are experiencing pain; contact a professional physiotherapist today to begin your journey to a pain free healthier life. They specialize in many different areas including; rheumatology, pediatric, neurology, muscular-skeletal injuries and women’s health.

physiotherapist at work

There is no need for you or someone you love to suffer any longer. There is highly skilled professional help for you with a physiotherapist in Sudbury if you are experiencing back pain, looking for relief of an old sports injury or suffering with a neurological condition related to a stroke. The teams of healthcare specialists are available to you in a warm and welcoming environment. Get the proper physiotherapy treatment for whatever your condition may be.

Physiotherapy in Sudbury

Physiotherapists in Sudbury use a combination of treatments that will help you get rid of pain from sprained ankles to serious back injuries. Their professionals use expert techniques including massage and release techniques, specific exercises and movement, manual therapy and lifestyle with ergonomic advice. When you visit their office you will go through specific medical information and a physical exam to determine the cause of your pain. Once their specialist analyzes your information, treatment can begin that same visit. You do not need a referral to visit their office; you can come in direct and begin your healing process immediately.


If you are plagued with thickened, or ingrown toenails there is a professional team member who can assist you with cutting your nails properly. Removal of corns and callous can also be performed medically and safely. Many of us suffer from being on our feet to many hours a day; at our physiotherapist in Sudbury you can receive advice on bio-mechanics, footwear and heel pain. They also provide general care and maintenance for your feet to enable you to continue an active lifestyle.

Complementary Medicine

If your day if filled with a lot of physical exertions you should visit their office for relaxation methods. Their massage therapists can help with tight or sore muscles. They can also aid in gaining mobility of stiff joints. Massage therapists help treat sport injuries and can provide exercise and rehabilitation advice.

Hypnosis may also help you if you are dealing with professional or personal issues. An expert team member is available to help you overcome phobias, anxieties or to modify your behaviors such as quitting smoking.
Acupuncture therapies are available to get your energy flowing and encourage balance of your body. These treatments can heal your physical and emotional levels. A therapist is ready to help you stimulate and get your body, mind and spirit back into harmony.

Reiki spiritual and healing treatments are available to recreate a balance in your body. You will get nurturing energy as the Reiki treatments tend to your physical, mental and emotional problems.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) will help to quickly release negative emotions such as; stress, painful memories, serious personal issues like divorce or relationship problems. You will be taught self-help techniques to clear many of your day-to-day worries.
Counseling is also available to help you through life struggles. Their trained professionals can help you explore and meet new personal growth.

These are just a few of the services you will find. There are many others:
-Women’s Health Physiotherapy
-Clinical Hypnosis and more

You will receive amazing healing powers through their team members. Don’t delay any longer as this clinic has the most reputable team members on their staff. They will relieve you of any physical or mental struggles you are suffering to get you enjoying life again.